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B. Points for good agency citizenship (0 6 points)
1. Reports and other written work (2 points):
a. Reports are always on time and always very well done (2 points)
b. Reports are always on time and done at
the expected level
(1 point).
2. Goes the extra mile in helping others (1 point).
3. Is a leader in teams (1 point).
4. Attains new knowledge and teaches it to others (1 point).
5. Is involved in the community and the profession through board mem-
berships, leadership roles, consulting, and other activities (1 point).
To give you a better idea of how this would work, Tables 10.1 and
10.2 outline how points would be given and how they equate to an actual
amount of money and a designated rating of worker performance.
A Model Evaluation
End of the Year Evaluation: Sara Smith received three quarterly eva-
luations this year which outline her general functioning at the agency.
This evaluation is a summary of the three former evaluations including
any new behaviors noted in the fourth quarter of the year.
This is Ms Smith's second full year with the agency. She continues to
work at the norm established by the agency. Her work with clients, while
consistent, is never beyond expectations and all aspects of her client work
are average. Her reports are on time and use the agency format. While
basically accurate, her reports sometimes use non-technical language and
Ms Smith has been told on eight occasions not to use slang or familiar
language when more descriptive professional language is available. Ms
Smith is always on time and has missed only 4 days during the year
because of illness. The agency's policy is to pay the worker for unused
sick days at 25% of their cost. Ms Smith will be paid for the 8 unused
sick leave days for the year.
Ms. Smith has very good working relationships with her co-workers
and is well liked by the support staff. On a number of occasions she has
filled in for sick workers or stayed late to help with agency overloads.
Her work is usually quite ethical but on a few occasions I have over-
heard her talking about clients in the lunch room. While she never
identifies the client by name, it isn't difficult to know who she's talk-
ing about. In the times I've overheard her talking about clients it has
never been derogatory or overly informative. Still, it's against agency
policy and she has been notified that this behavior should stop. To my
knowledge it has.
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