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client improvement might also be used. Client satisfaction is also an
important indicator, although when clients are required to get help from
agencies when drug and alcohol treatment is required because of a DUI
(Driving Under the Influence of Substances) or in sexual harassment or
workplace violence cases, you can expect clients to be generally unhappy
about the entire situation. Still, clients who are satisfied and believe that
they've been helped provide strong support for workers who correctly
believe they are doing a good job and that they should therefore be
rewarded accordingly. Finally, evidence of improved social functioning is
vital. To do this the worker must verify that change has actually occurred
by going to primary sources such as employers and teachers to verify the
extent of the change. Let's consider the way this might be stated in an
Objectives to Measure Competent Practice “Workers are expected
to provide competent service to clients and to do it in a timely manner.
Over the years the agency has developed norms regarding the definition of
competent practice. They are as follows: Workers are expected to develop
contracts for service by the end of the first client session. Those contracts
spell out the goals to be achieved, how long it will take to achieve those
goals, the inclusion of the standard client satisfaction survey administered
by the secretarial staff after every session, and weekly contact with primary
people in the client's life to determine actual changes in social functioning.
Contracts must be approved by a worker's supervisor in writing. Workers
who achieve the norm can expect average evaluations. Workers who
achieve above the norm can expect superior evaluations and compensation
using the agency's merit pay system. Workers below the norm will be
placed on 6 months of probation. If the service they provide by the end of
the 6-month probationary period is not at the norm for the agency, they
will be terminated.”
Good Agency Citizenship
You may think this is of secondary importance in evaluations, but agencies
that have internal squabbling and loose standards of acceptable behavior are
often troubled agencies who are not serving clients well. For that reason
we expect agency personnel to get along, to treat one another with kind-
ness and respect, and to support the agency in the community. We expect
people to be supportive and encouraging in group meetings and to help
mentor one another. We would react strongly to workers who berate one
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