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Their pay will be docked. If lateness happens twice in a week, or more
than four times in a month, the worker will be placed on probation. If
the worker continues to be late the month of probation, he or she will be
terminated.” Too tough? Maybe. Good for clients and others trying to
contact workers? You bet.
Some agencies aren't funded if worker reports are late. It's a very important
matter, particularly when there are late night or weekend emergencies that
on-call workers have to cover. Reports are important when workers are on
vacation and others have to cover cases, and when workers resign and leave
the agency. It is also important that workers use the report format expected
by the agency. That format represents the agency's legal representation of
what has been done in a case and the rationale for services provided.
Reports should be constructed in ways that permit outside readers to
understand what took place in the case and why. Hiding botched cases
from legal scrutiny by indicating client confidentiality provides the worst
message to the public. Often case records are so badly done and so full of
errors and missing data that it would be highly embarrassing to the agency
were they made public. Supervisors have the responsibility to ensure
that records are up to date and accurate. The following competency-based
evaluative standard for report writing might serve as an example.
Report Writing Objectives “Workers must complete all written
work on cases actively seen during the week by the end of every week.
Workers are required to use the agency's format for report writing.
Failure to have all reports completed and up to date each week will result
in the docking of pay at the rate of 2 hours per late report. If five reports
are late during the probationary period, the worker will be terminated
from the position. If the worker has achieved more permanent status, the
same pay-docking system will be used and the agency will move to
terminate the worker for cause. Report writing is vital and the agency
takes seriously the lack of up-to-date, accurately written reports. Reports
represent our contract to provide a service to clients and the public's
expectation that we provide that service in a timely and effective way.”
Ethical Conduct
Good work is work that is ethical. Workers who are unethical in their
practice can't possibly be providing the client with a positive service. For
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