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￿ If the worker agrees to a severance package, and one should always be
given, have the worker sign a waiver agreeing not to sue over their
termination. As Erickson notes, “This may be a necessary evil if the
termination is expected to be controversial or combative in nature”
(2005, p. 9) as it almost always is in the public sector.
￿ Don't try to sugar coat the reasons for the termination but be profes-
sional at all times.
￿ Thank them for their efforts and mean it.
￿ Take care of administrative duties like collecting keys and company
property, and hand the employee his or her final check.
A Dialogue of a Termination for Cause Meeting
Supervisor (S): Jason, because of ongoing problems with your job perfor-
mance and the agency's policy regarding unacceptable work, I must
inform you that the agency is terminating you effective immediately. As
our policy manual and your letter of termination note, you will have
2 weeks separation benefits and salary.
Jason (J): I don't understand this at all. I haven't done anything to
deserve to be fired.
S: From our point of view, you have, Jason, and I'd encourage you to
read your performance reviews.
J: But they didn't say anything about being fired.
S: I'm afraid they did, Jason, and perhaps you might want to read
them closely to see the reasons why.
J: How can you do this to me, Sam? You know I've been going
through hell in my marriage.
S: Yes, but this is about the work, Jason, and your performance
reviews have spelled out the serious concerns we've had.
J: Like what?
S: I'd encourage you to read the periodic reviews over again, Jason,
and the termination document I'm giving you now and which I'm
also sending by certified mail to your home.
J: This is really crappy of you, Sam. You're a therapist for God's sake;
I'd think you'd be more caring.
S: I can understand why you would feel that way but our decision is
final, Jason.
J: Is this about me mouthing off to the secretary?
S: It's quite a bit more than that, Jason. By reading the many evalua-
tion reviews noting problems on the job and your termination notice,
I think you'll have enough information to understand the agency's
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