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Preventing Workplace Problems
through Competency-Based
Throughout our book we've discussed the many reasons for workplace
problems. This chapter provides our best suggestions for rectifying the
many preventable problems in the workplace though a more logical
approach to management using the new research-oriented management
tool known as competency-based management (CBM). CBM uses many
of the same tools to evaluate and apply research on best management
practices as does competency-based practice in the medical and mental
health fields. This chapter provides an overview of CBM and suggested
ways it can be used to minimize work-related problems.
Given the rapid changes in the social, economic, and cultural climate of
the country, the role of managers to help organize and run complex orga-
nizations and still provide cutting edge services is increasingly important.
In noting the importance of management, the American Board of
Examiners in Clinical Social Work (2004) indicates that when manage-
ment is competent, the new worker will be transformed “from an anxious
novice into an effective, contributing employee—but only if the supervi-
sor is highly competent and capable of providing high levels of guidance,
instruction, and support” (p. 1).
Scheaffer and Mano-Negrin (2003) indicate that another important
aspect of middle and upper management is to anticipate and plan for the
normal and the unusual crises that affect all organizations. Workplace cri-
ses may include budget cuts, loss of competent workers, difficulty in hir-
ing competent workers, and many other usual and unusual problems that
continually affect organizations. The authors call for crisis preparedness by
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