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“bureaupathic” is used to imply the worst qualities of top-down orga-
nizations: that they are slow to change, illogical in the way decisions
are made, primarily concerned with the quality of life of those who
work in the organization and not the customers and clients supposedly
served by a company or agency, and are endlessly rule and policy
driven with little sense of the need to change even when the organiza-
tion is in deep trouble. Bureaupathic workaholics prolong assignments
and create additional work. Others may be ready to move on, but
these workaholics hold everything up by overanalyzing, tearing ideas
apart, and getting bogged down in minute detail. They drive everyone
a little crazy.
The following six additional types of workaholics are suggested by
Glicken (2010) :
￿ Type 5: The Loner Workaholic . Type 5 is the withdrawn worka-
holic, who prefers to work alone. They work hard and want to be
needed and approved of as well, but they do not want to be controlled
or dominated. They prefer to keep their emotional distance from
others. The loner workaholic prefers to be left alone to do their work.
￿ Type 6: The Frightened Workaholic . This type of workaholic is
afraid of losing their job and, rather than having clear ideas of how to
complete a task, worry constantly that the task isn't going to be done
correctly or completed on time. While they work very hard it takes
them much longer to do the job because much of their energy is
spent being anxious and fearful about their work.
￿ Type 7: The Burned-Out Workaholic . This type of workaholic is
so burned out they can hardly muster the energy to do the job but,
out of a lack of other interests and activities or a dismal or non-
existent personal life, they keep working hard at jobs that give them
no satisfaction and which they may actually dislike to the extent of
becoming physically ill while they work. Without help, these people
often develop depressions and anxiety-related problems
that make
work exceedingly difficult.
￿ Type 8: The Incompetent Workaholic . We like to think of worka-
holics as hard working and super productive but some workaholics
have to work that much harder because, truth be told, they just don't
have the ability to do the job. We've all known workaholics like this.
They never take lunch breaks, stay late, come in over the weekend,
but never seem to get much done. Rather than looking for psycho-
logical reasons for their work addiction, it might be better to think of
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