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effective management tools to educate employees and managers concerning
the value of diversity. This will include fairness based upon laws, policies,
and regulations.
In the economic downturn, with the accompanying tendency to down-
size, companies, organizations, and industries must resist the temptation to
employ radical and unfair job displacement methods. By devising creative
and equitable ways to involve workers in the decision-making process, man-
agement can lessen the pain of economic downsizing. Many businesses have
experienced these difficulties in dealing with an increasingly diverse work-
force during normal economic cycles. The economic downturn has created
even greater concerns that require addressing different approaches in moti-
vating and communicating with workers who have different backgrounds
and lifestyles. It is understandable that the financial implications have been
particularily devastating for many diverse groups such as minorities. The
long-term outlook for their quality of life for diverse employees is even
more dire. This chapter has suggested a number of ways to address the
long-term needs and implications of a diverse workforce.
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