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had a similar experience. The receptionist took her application and
told her that someone would call her if Scrub was interested in her.
While she was there, there were four Hispanic women and one
Hispanic man filling out applications. All five of the other applicants
were asked to stay for an interview,” but she was not.
Vaughn (2006) reported that one of the future challenges faced by organi-
zations striving to foster a more diverse workforce is simply acknowledg-
ing the differences in people. A major challenge is miscommunication
within organizations. Better competencies will need to be developed to
improve effective communication in diverse organizational workplaces.
Future challenges to communication that need to be addressed by
employers and employees include self-awareness, empathy, strategic plan-
ning and decision-making. Self-awareness refers to how one's behavior
affects another person and the willingness to modify this behavior based
on understanding how it is understood by the recipient. Empathy enables
the receiver to see beyond the literal meaning of a message and consider
the communicator's feelings, values, assumptions, and needs. The im-
portant aspect of strategic planning and decision-making is that commu-
nication is understood by all members of the workforce.
It is equally important that the substance of the messages is clearly
conveyed and carefully selected. Brownell (2003) indicated that, by having
opportunities to express dissent, individuals can begin to gather collective
support and create a voice for the marginalized members so they can have
a collective voice to maximize their potential and opportunities. As diver-
sity issues change over time, government agencies and businesses will be
facing rapid and continuing demographic changes in consumer markets
and labor pools. The future success of the workplace will depend upon
helping people to work and understand each other better ( Harvey &
Allard, 2012 ).
Best practice examples demonstrated by organizations that have suc-
cessfully created inclusive environments supporting and championing
diversity, will need to be emulated. MentorNet is a good example of a
company that has successfully created diversity by using mentors in the
workplace. This online mentoring organization focuses on women and
under-represented minorities in the future-oriented STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The organization is
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