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Learn to accept that different cultures have different though equally valid
While you are learning about the culture of others, also take the time to
explain your organization
s culture.
Source: Society for Human Resource Management (2012).
workplace. Organizational culture and practices that present barriers to
different aspects of diversity should be examined, challenged, and
removed when necessary. A good example of a starting-point for addres-
sing diversity in different settings is the University of California San
Francisco's university system Non-Discrimination Statement, extracted
from UCSF's Principles of a University Community:
￿ Recognize, value, and affirm that social diversity contributes richness
to the University community and enhances the quality of campus life
for individuals and groups.
￿ Take pride in various achievements and celebrate differences.
As these principles suggest, workplace diversity in a university setting
can provide tremendous benefits in terms of improved morale, outside-
the-box thinking, greater teamwork, and an atmosphere of mutual under-
standing and respect.
Cox (1991) defines guiding principles for managing diversity in a uni-
versity setting as “planning and implementing organizational systems and
practices to manage people so that the potential advantages of diversity
are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized.” These
principles are expanded as follows.
￿ Managing diversity well provides a distinct advantage in an era when
flexibility and creativity are keys to competitiveness.
￿ An organization needs to be flexible and adaptable to meet new cus-
tomer needs.
￿ Heterogeneity promotes creativity, and heterogeneous groups have
been shown to produce better solutions to problems and a higher level
of critical analysis. This can be a vital asset at a time when the campus
is undergoing tremendous change and self-examination to find new
and more-effective ways to operate.
￿ With effective management of diversity, the campus develops a reputa-
tion as an employer of choice. Not only will you have the ability to
attract the best talent from a shrinking labor pool, you can save time
and money in recruitment and turnover costs.
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