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Contact Lens Induced Ocular
Surface Alterations
Helmer Schweizer 1,a,2, * and Inma Perez-Gomez 1,b
There is a large history of reported changes of the anterior ocular surface
related with contact lens wear. Most of them are temporary and, while
impacting the comfort and not being pleasant for the wearers, are not
vision or eye health threatening. Frequent replacement, here especially
daily disposable contact lenses, as well as the availability of many
silicon hydrogel materials and different lens care products give eye care
practitioners new tools in how to deal with them. Beside the technical
aspects, it is also the wearer's behavior, hygiene and compliance with the
care regimen and replacement schedule that contribute to the incidence,
frequency and severity of such alterations.
This chapter looks at some potential alterations, how they present
themselves, what may be the (potential) causes, their clinical and
practical signifi cance and how they could, should or must be attended
to, best be prevented.
Eye care professionals (ECP) have observed and noted changes in the
anterior ocular surface since the fi rst insertion of a contact lens (CL) in
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